This post is here as a predominantly legal standpoint.
This journal, in no way, is associated with me, physically, in any way.
I use this page, and moreover this site, to vent, and just let things out.
My entries do not reflect on me, or my personality in any way.
They are entries, not actions, not a story, they're feelings.
I take how I feel and write it out. Some entries may be gruesome, some fueled by sadness, or rage.
Please take what I write with a grain of salt. This site is a gateway.
I am not looking to harm myself or others. I am not a violent person.
It may come off that way, as that's what I vent about, but that's just to let it out.
I am a person. I have morality, compassion, and empathy. I'm not ruthless. I feel things too.
In any responses to me, via guestbook or otherwise, be civil.
I seem scary and sad from the outside, but again, that's just what I'm letting out.
I am okay having a normal conversation. I don't talk about this all the time.
On this site, I envoke my 1st and 5th amendment rights. Nothing I do here is illegal.
Another point. Should this site be found by someone I know IRL, or already has,
DO NOT. spread my information anywhere. If you do, well, good luck.
Thank you for taking the time to read this disclaimer.

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