if only they knew
i'm lost in this world
nobody cares about me
i wish just one person cared
one person, that's all
my emotions are mounting
i'm going to tip over the edge
i don't want to do that
but i have no other choice
i'm so lonely
i'm so worthless
i'm so pointless
i'm so useless
i'm so retarded
i'm so fucked
i'm so sad
i'm so broken
and nobody notices
i want to go to a place
where i can be happy
without a care in the world
i just wish you'd've noticed
i wrote it all to you
it doesn't matter now
nothing matters anymore
i'm just a waste of space
i'm just a waste of time
i'm just a waste of life
i'm just a waste of money
i'm just a waste of oxygen
i'm just a waste of emotion
i'm just a waste of everything
i fail everything i try
i just wish i was normal
i just wish i was happy
i reached out for help
nobody took my hand
i sank down into the depths
of the deep blue sea
i ruin my friendships
i ruin my opportunities
i ruin my life
i ruin my hobbies
i ruin my happiness
i ruin my everything
i wanted to be fixed
but nobody wanted to fix me
i'm just a lost cause
i'm told that everyday
my life is beginning to end
i just wish i could change
i wanted to be happy
i wanted to be free
i wanted to be joyful
i wanted to be worth it
i wanted to be perfect
i make mistake after mistake
and nothing ever gets better
i just wish i could have
gotten help a little sooner
but now it's too late
i'm a letdown
i'm a failure
i'm a mistake
i'm a outcast
the signs were all there
nobody noticed
they didn't care
now i'm here
i'm just dreaming
i'm just dying
i'm just dead
i wished it could have been
better than it seems
living, you and me
i'm going to kill
i'm going to die
learn from my life
don't worry about me
i'm going to be okay
and you're not going to see