I wish I knew how to fly.
I'd rather do that than die.
I'd fly to unexplored land.
If you want to go too, take my hand.
I'll fly through the clouds above,
and fly freely through the sky thereof.
But, I'm just a piece of human scum,
which makes me wonder what I've become.
If I could fly I'd be full of joy,
I could lose the friends I annoy.
But, I'm just stuck down on the ground,
where every day I will drown.
Sinking into black quicksand;
with no hope to understand.
I'll dream of being a bird,
where my vision will no longer be blurred.
I'll dream of finally being free,
and being as strong as a tree.
Yet, I'm stuck on this earth,
where I am no-one of worth.

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