Twenty One Pilots (Self Titled)

The first album by alt-rock band Twenty One Pilots. This album released in 2009.

1. Implicit Demand for Proof |
I love the piano in this song. It's extremely calming too, and has a nice and easy rhythm to it.
The first drop works very well, and has a nice leadup to the drums and lyrics.
I like the theme that the lyrics have, which is Tyler demanding proof of his existence, power, and presence.
My favourite line from this song is "rain down and destroy me."

2. Fall Away |
Again, the piano in this track is great. Tyler's singing combined with the background instrumental works very well.
The chorus is repetitive, albeit catchy. I like the "la da da da duh" in the background.
I seem to focus on that part when I listen to it. My favourite part of this song is the following stanza.
"And I, I can feel the pull begin, Feel my conscience wearing thin, And my skin, it will start, To break up and fall apart"

3. The Pantaloon |
The beginning of this song is awkward, and the instrumental in the background is out of place or in the wrong key.
The music starts to even out after the first part, although the singing is good, it still feels a little off to me.
The "rap" about halfway through feels a little out of place, but flows with the lyrics. My favorite part of this song is "You are tired. You are hurt."

4. Addict with a Pen |
The piano at the beginning of this song is melancholic and beautiful. Tyler's introduction in this song is soft spoken and sweet.
He's talking to somebody, but is being dramatic. Most people have a tendency to get dramatic when they are upset with something going on in their life.
He is very aware of it in this song.
The pops and fizzles before the main drop are a little strange, but still work well with the song. I relate to the line "The waves of the water mean nothing to me."
Many trials wash in and out, but they don't mean anything to me.

5. Friend, Please |
This song takes a turn from the others, but I like the synth that goes up and down.
Tyler's singing at the beginning sounds like it's distant, or far away, but when the first minor drop comes, he gets closer, and more real.
He's talking about spiders, and how they made themselves a home. I interpreted this as the things that drag us down in life, but they can be "exterminated" as is said in the song.
I really love the lines "Living like a ghost you walk by everyone you know, You say that you're fine but you have lost your sway and glow."
I feel like this in real life. I live like I don't exist.I also like the line "Friend, please don't take your life away from me."
Tyler is asking the friend not to commit suicide due to the 'spiders', and I find this admirable.

6. March to the Sea |
I love the theme of this song. It reminds me of lemmings.
The strums in this song are simple, yet beautiful. I think that this song is about conformity.
You fall in line, may look to the sides, but will stay in line, not being noticed. When they walk into the sea, they die, or "fall asleep."
The drop in this song is sudden, but isn't heavy enough to break the flow of the song.
The spaceship comes, and says to "follow [it] instead" of dying in the water.
In my eyes, the spaceship is a friend, someone I trust, who I can follow.
However, Tyler doesn't follow the spaceship, and goes down the sand and into the water.
Tyler realizes that it's not too late, and turns and follows the spaceship, keeping him safe for another day.
One of the lines I like from this song is "We're dying with every breath we make."

7. Johnny Boy |
The piano in this song is abrupt, but flows well with the drumming and the vocals.
It's a bit of a jump from the previous song, but works well on its' own.
I believe that this song is talking about a man who's down on his luck, and feels like a disappointment to the world.
I feel the same way. The person telling Johnny to get up sounds like a father, who's trying to motivate his son.
"Get up, Johnny Boy, get up because the world has left you lying on the ground. You're my pride and joy."
Johnny blames all his misfortune on the times and circumstances of his life, but he has fallen in love
He gets up, and takes up everything, and continues on.
I like this song, as I can relate to it. The vocal work in combination with the drumming works extremely well. This is one of my favourites on this album.

8. Oh, Ms. Believer |
This is my favourite song on the album. I envision me sitting at a bus stop with someone I love in the middle of a snowstorm.
I've envisioned this for years. We're sitting at a bus stop during a gentle snow storm, and I'm quietly singing to myself, with her next to me.
Tyler's vocals combined with what sounds like a violin and the jingle bells are comforting.
They feel like a big hug. The drops are subtle, and do not break the flow of the song, yet keep the cheerful, almost melancholic undertones.
I can't put into words how much I love this song. It makes me want to sit next to a fire with some hot chocolate on a cold day. I love it.
My favourite line from this song is "Your twisted thoughts are like snow on the rooftops."
The twisted thoughts blanket her brain, but when she's warm, the thoughts will melt, and she'll be warm again.

9. Air Catcher |
This song is somewhat forgettable in my eyes. The drop from the piano to the heavy drums are a bit unexpected.
The song talks about someone falling, and using a parachute to slow their fall, but now the cords are not working.
He is vowing not to fall in love as [they] stare [him] down. My favorite stanza from this song is the following.
"I was doing fine on my own, And there wasn't much I lacked, But you've stolen my air catcher (parachute), And I don't know if I want it back."
I can relate to this stanza well. I had a friend who I met after months of being on my own, and things started out well, but they stole my 'parachute' and let me fall.
As I fell, I realized that I didn't want it back, and that I'd rather continue to fall than end up landing with someone who I can't be with.
This song is alright, but I tend to look over it. Giving it a second look was worth it.

10. Trapdoor |
I also found this song somewhat forgettable. The piano in the back is nice, although it isn't there for too long.
The abrupt drop comes in shortly after. I'm glad I took a listen to this song, as I can relate to the lyrics a lot.
When I moved, it was the equivalent of me "...fall(ing) through a bleeding trapdoor"
It took me by surprise, and sent me falling. Another line I like is "Nothing kills a man faster than his own head." This is very true.
When I get to myself, I ruin the day, and other opportunities. I kill myself mentally faster than other people do.
The line "Take me out and finish this waste of life" to me sounds like a man who wants to be killed by others,
because he can't do it himself. In conclusion, this song is a hidden gem of this album, and I'm glad to have paid more attention to it.

11. A Car, a Torch, a Death |
This song starts with Sonic the Hedgehog jump effects while someone smacks a pipe on a pole.
Tyler's singing is good. He sounds like he's singing while he cries.
Life is a highway. It goes fast and rarely slows down. I loved the lines "And I begin to envy the headlights driving south, I want to crack the door so I can just fall out,
But then I remember when you packed my car, You reached in the back and buckled up your heart" The drop was abrupt, but good,
and worked with the already weird background vocals. I liked the metaphor of using a torch to ward away the 'chills' or darkness.
I didn't like the "I began to understand why God died" parts.
They felt out of place. The fade on the vocals was a bit premature, but the chorus is memorable. Overall good song.

12. Taxi Cab |
I like the piano in this song. It has a good beat, and Tyler's singing compliments it well.
I like how the song talks about being "half a soul divided" and other words.
The person singing, to me, has recently died, and is inside the "Taxi Cab" to heaven, while stripping away what made him 'human' and becoming an angel.
This is interrupted by the hearse, or Taxi Cab running out of gas, but continues on it's journey.
He ultimately continues the journey to heaven.
This is further supported by "We're driving toward the morning sun, Where all your blood is washed away, And all you did will be undone."
I really liked the message of this song, and the continuous piano was very good.

13. Before You Start Your Day |
This song is a close second to favorite. The beautiful singing, combined with the calming piano, are spectacular.
Again, I can relate to this song. The song is from the point of view of one's demons.
It's talking about how "I'm in your mind" and you "don't have enough time to make your slits look just right."
The "La-Da" part is beautiful, and I'm glad it's included. The undertones to this song are dark, yet calming.
I really love this song. It's extremely calming.
If you're going to listen to this album, DO NOT skip out on this song. It's really, really good.
The part when the piano ramps up is a little out of place, but still works well, as it's asking you to "open your eyes" and see what's going on.

14. Isle of Flightless Birds |
I didn't really like the strumming in the beginning, it reminded me of a medieval folk story or something.
The drop is also a bit awkward,
and still has that weird medieval vibe, although it now has a trap feel to it.
Tyler sings about a story, which ironically makes it feel more of a medieval story.
I like the drop in this song, it's a nice break from whatever the fuck the instrument strumming is.
The "rap" feels even more out of place, but oddly works somehow.
The piano at the end is good, and has a nice tone to it, as well as the synths at the end.
I don't have much else to say for this song, it's just weird all around.

My rating: 87/100.

For a debut album, this is really good. I loved the use of the piano, and Tyler is truly a gifted singer.
Some of the songs were a bit out of place in the track listing, and others could have been tweaked.
Yet for a debut, this is great.
My favourite songs are "Oh, Ms. Believer" and "Before You Start Your Day."
I recommend giving this album a listen should you have the chance, it'll be worth your while.
I've listened to it a few times over the last few days, and I've enjoyed each listen.
I wish they'd make another album in the style of this one, although that won't happen.
Their overhyped single "Level of Concern" is all the rage in the "clique" right now.
I wish they'd take it back to basics and release another album in this style, with calming piano and vocals.
Overall, solid album, and by far one of the better ones in ToP's discography.

About the album:
Released: December 29th, 2009.
Length: 62:08.
Producer: Tyler Joseph.
Copies Sold: 115,000.

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