I'll get around to filling this page out when I have the time to do so.
thanks to vodkabinereb for giving me the idea for this page

--my car! I love my car. It's so fun to drive and I'm glad I got it. I can go almost anywhere in it since it has 4WD. Biggest purchase I'll probably make for a long time, but being able to drive myself to school without having to share oxygen with fat fuck hitler the bus driver is certainly a relief.

--my cat! I love him so much. He's such a great friend. I don't have many friends so having one that won't hate me for making a mistake is nice. He loves to walk around and just rub my legs. I wish my life was as simple as his is; eat, sleep, roam. I'd lose my life for my cat.

--whatever is left of my imagination! I love to daydream, and thinking about driving into the sunset on a pretty night is exactly what I want. Daydreaming sidetracks me from my shitty world, and I often want to jump into those dreams and stay there forever.

--cursed videos! Cursed videos are one of the only things that give me entertainment. I like watching them and just loving to laugh. The best ones are like "change my state of mind" where the dude gets ran over by the van, or the one where the kid hits his brother with a metal baseball bat and it plays the bonk sound effect.

--spolied jocks getting what they deserve! I love watching them get in trouble. Best part of my day, everytime.

--friends! I don't have many of them, but the ones I have are very nice. I like having at least someone I can hang with during lunch at school. I don't make friends very well. I used to when I was a kid, but ever since going into 7th grade, I've found it so much harder. I've probably only made 5 friends per year, and at that I lose most of them soon after.

--GTA V! I just love the game. Killing civilians, fleeing the cops, and much more. "Quit whining, it's just a flesh wound."

--amazon! I love amazon. Getting what I want for a decent price, and at a decent time, is just awesome to me. I also like eBay a lot, but that's only for shit I can't get on amazon. I ordered a fucking 128 gig flash drive and it was only 16 dollars. that's awesome.

--listening to music! I listen to music almost all day every day. At school, I have my iPod. At home, I have iTunes. I love music. If you want to learn more about what music I like, go check my music page, I have some of my favorites in there.

--good movies! Baby Driver, The Blues Brothers, NBK, so many great movies. I love watching a movie that just gets me 'hooked'. Sometimes I feel like I'm really there. Sometimes I want to jump in there and stay there forever. I want something to distract me from this hell.

--photoshop! I can entertain myself for hours on photoshop, I've taught myself how to use it, and I'm happy just to be able to use it.

--vans! Best sneakers. I love their high tops. I have two pairs of black ones, and two pairs of customs. I wear them all the time. I've been wearing their shoes since I got my first pair in 2015: black and gray checkered slip ons. Since then, I've had probably close to 7 pairs.

--2000's cartoons! My childhood. Need I say more?

--Late 90's Nick! They had the best cartoons. Back then, you didn't have to worry about petty shit. Very entertaining.

--The smell of Series 83000 Expo Markers! Sure, they may make me lose brain cells, Sure, they're expensive, but DAMN THEY SMELL SO GOOD! I first smelled them at an Air Force base in my hometown, and when my 8th grade tech teacher had some, I couldn't resist stealing them and just huffing them over and over.

--Piracy! I get what I want for free. Music, Photoshop, Movies, TV shows and much more.

--sleep! I don't have much peace during the day, so the brief time I get to be unconscious is very relaxing. I wish I could sleep more. I can't take naps and I always wake up at 6:00 AM sharp. Every day. Of every week. Of every month. Of every year. I don't even have an alarm

--thinking about the past! I love to think about the past and wish I was a different person. May not be a healthy way of thinking, but I do anyway. I always want to go back and change things and just see how different my life would have become. One word could have meant the difference between friend and foe. I want to explore those other routes. Maybe I would have ended up better than I am now.

--a good road trip! I want to go and drive down I-70 and just go across the entire country. I want to drive up the coast from cali to oregon and just camp out in the evergreen forests. I want to drive around Colorado in the snow.

--rainstorms! they're so peaceful! I love the smell of rain, and I even have an app that plays the sound of rain. It helps me sleep.

--the beach! I love pretty sunsets on the beach. I love to make towers and castles or just mounds of sand by the waterfront and just let the water wash them away. I wish that the sand were my problems and the water would just take them away.

--forests! They may seem scary, but I just love how peaceful they can be. I want to go camping up in a nice evergreen forest in my truck. That sounds like an awesome adventure.

--people I can share anything with! Some people I can't, some people I can. I love being able to share what I want without being called manipulative. It's such a great feeling to let a lot of feelings off my chest. I'm glad to find some people to talk to.

--a good nap! I rarely ever take naps. Ever since I started getting more and more tired, I've taken a few naps (which sounds retarded) but I had one about three months ago and it felt so surreal. I can't explain why.

--making people laugh! I can't explain why I love to make people laugh, but I guess when I make them laugh, it makes me feel better about myself.

--Thinking of my childhood! I discovered this recently but I just love to ramble on and on about my childhood. Talking about toys, music, movies and whatever the hell else was out in 2009. It makes me feel less alone to know some people enjoyed the same things that I did while growing up.

--learning about new things! I love to go onto wikipedia and just go down wormholes for hours and learn about everything. For that reason, I have quite the weird trivia knowledge. For example, did you know that Nickelodeon buried a time capsule in 1992 that is meant to be opened in 2042? No. No you didn't.

--exploring! I'm intrigued by abandoned shit. There's an abandoned spa by my house. I've been there before. It was honestly really cool.

--traveling! I've been to a lot of places, and I really have enjoyed a lot of them. Highlights include: The Redwoods, Las Vegas, Portland, Niagara Falls, Chicago and London. I really enjoy going places, but I actually prefer flying on planes and being in the airport more. I don't know why. It's just really cool.

--Driving! Even though I just got my license, I really love my truck, and I love driving. I've loved cars since I was 3, and learning about them and watching them just made me dedicated to them. Driving is probably the one thing I can do right.

--Lying about being okay! I don't want people worrying about me.

--water! I love the wonderful taste of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom, the perfect blend for the most refreshing beverage.

--singing! I'm not a good singer, but I can't help cracking a smile when I'm singing in the car or when I'm home alone. Personal favourites to sing to are Green Day, Panic! At the Disco and The Killers.

--sunsets! A good sunset can make the day so much better for me. Pretty hues of orange are just amazing. I've always wanted to go on a road trip where I drive into the sunset. I love sunsets so much. Sometimes they're bland and boring, but other times they're spectacular.

--nostalgia! Talking about a time when I was happy. So much fucking fun. Even then, talking about a time I wasn't alive, like the 60's or the 90's, just fun to go around. I love to talk about my childhood though, and I've said that here already.

--airdrumming! I can't afford a drum kit, so sometimes when I'm listening to music, I bust out the trusty air drumsticks and go to town. It's so fun to copy the beat of a song I love.

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