My Dreams

Here's a bunch of dreams I've had. I've got a few old ones as I wrote them down ages ago.

October 29 2020

i was at my old house. i was driving to a warehouse about an hour away for my birthday party. i got in my truck, and took off. i got to the highway interchange,
where there was just a bunch of cars all stopped. i honked, but soon i realized that there was nobody in the cars. i got out of my truck,
and walked up the ramp onto the freeway. looking up and down the road, there were just a load of abandoned cars. i looked to my right and saw a little house in some trees,
and decided to go there to see what was going on. i got to the house, and knocked on the door. no answer. i opened the door, and walked inside. to my horror,
there were a few zombies in the room. they noticed me, and started chasing me. so, i quickly shut the door, and turned around to run away. as i did that,
i noticed a white sedan sitting in the driveway. i got in, and the keys were in the ignition, so i took off. i went up the wrong way ramp on the freeway,
which for some reason was the right side of the road and gunned it. soon, an ambulance zoomed up, and started bashing in the side of my car.
realizing that i was gonna get killed, i turned on the cruise control, and climbed onto the roof of the car. i jumped into the back doors of the ambulance.
my brother's friend was driving. i started to fight with him while he continued to drive. eventually, i picked him up, and threw him out of the back of the ambulance,
and quickly hopped in the drivers' seat so i could continue. i looked to my left, and saw a white chevy suburban gunning it right beside me. i continued to floor it,
and got to the interchange where the warehouse was. all of a sudden, the ambulance turned into my truck, and the white suburban turned into my friend's gray suburban,
and he got behind me. we drove off the freeway and into the parking lot, and parked there. i got out, and walked into the warehouse, which was some huge playland thing.
it was the same building as the one i had in my august 26th dream, but it was 'nighttime' inside the building. i walked in, and sat down.
the building was completely empty. i looked out the front window, i saw some of my friends, and texted them to come inside. they came inside,
and we proceeded to jump on the trampolines and ball pits and other activities. we then decided to watch a movie. once the movie was over,
we all got up and left the building. i got in my truck, and my mom was in the passenger seat now. she said that we had to go to a candy store deep in the heart of the city.
i started driving there, and the atmosphere turned from a warm evening into a cold, desolate, twilight zone-esque area, with light rain. we drove into the city,
and my truck suddenly turned into my mom's suv. we continued to drive until we arrived at a freight loading dock. i was still paranoid because
i was afraid to see zombies, but the workers were unconcerned and normal looking. the paranoia ensued as i exited the truck and walked into the front entrance.
the candy store reminded me a bit of the one i went to the day i broke my arm, but bigger and emptier. there was a line, so we got in line. i looked around,
and saw some kids playing, but one of them seemed to be acting strange, so i got very scared. we got to the front of the line, and my mom ordered something,
and i asked for rock candy. i was enthralled by the tip jar for some reason, and couldn't stop looking at it. suddenly, i'm taken to the columbine high school library.
it's very dark. the only light i see is from the door that's opened when eric and dylan walked in. they look over at us and tell us to put our heads down on the tables.
i do so. they proceed to kill some people, and leave about 12 of us alive at three tables, four at each. i was scared out of my mind.
they were communicating with the police somehow, and were announcing they'd taken hostages. they got some blindfolds out and said for us to put them on.
they then said that every few minutes, they'd kill a hostage until they got their demands. meanwhile, i'm sitting at the table, scared shitless. then, i realize something.
if i was remembering all of this, then i must've survived, and i blocked out the rest of what happened, and woke up.

October 22 2020

i am in charge of the lights for a christmas program being put on in some event center. i keep putting the lights on the performers and other things.
i am wearing converse high tops and am sitting next to the control box, while my brother sits next to me. i try my hardest to do the lights,
and occasionally mess up since i don't know what i am doing. eventually, the program ends and i go over to the stage, and sit there. people are bringing out food,
and i want to get some but know i shouldn't. suddenly, i find myself in a different world. it's bright and futuristic, and there are a bunch of kids there.
i start walking through what seems to be a market of some kind, and pass a tattoo shop. i see jack douglass and go to get a picture with him. then,
i see a kid who is all alone getting bullied. i go over there, and stab the bully in the throat, and walk away. all of a sudden, it is announced the world is ending,
and its time to find out if i am going to heaven or hell. i wait for a while, and eventually it's decided, i'm going to hell. i go over to a stack of explosives and kill myself.
i then find myself in new york. i am driving home from a neighbors house, who had just given me a pocket knife. my brother is in the car with me,
and once we get home, he jumps out of the car, and hits the gas, sending it through the backyard and rolling on its side. i get out, scream at him,
and then go and put the car upright. there isn't any damage, so i bring it back to the garage. i walk inside the house, and my aunt and mom are talking.
next thing i know, i am in an insane asylum in new york with my high school friends: *****, ******, *****, ***, and ****. we are there until we plan an escape,
and try to bring some of the freaks from ahs season 4 with us. we get to the doors, and get out, although the freaks choose to stay behind. Once we get out, we start walking away,
and decide to go to chick fil a. i say that i have to go grab my phone, and so i start walking home, which isn't too far away. for some reason, the entire ground is icy,
and i start sliding around. eventually, i take a wrong turn and fall over in the middle of an intersection. a man following his kid on a bike stops and helps me,
and i ask him where the chick fil a is. he points me down a road, and i say "thank you, have a great night" and start walking. the road i am walking down is in my old town,
and i see a lot of things from there. i slide down a hill and into an apartment that looks like it's been abandoned for years. i choose not to go inside
and to keep walking. i eventually find myself with my friends, who have already gone to chick fil a. they hand me a toy they got as an apology for not waiting
. i say it's okay and that i can skip lunch. i point out that the ocean is nearby, and we start sliding to it, since the ground is still icy. we end up following a skateboarder,
and end up at the beach. there isn't any sand, it's just tiny rocks, which makes it hard to walk on. we all sit on a pile and i take some pictures with my phone.
we then see a pier in the distance and start going to that. we get lost on the way and find technoblade. we take some pictures with him and continue.
i get a voicemail from ****, who isn't with us, and there's nothing on it. eventually we arrive at the right road that leads to the pier. we start walking,
and i walk on some train tracks. a train starts coming, and i can't get out of the way. i try dodging a few of the wheels when i realize that i can just go under it.
a cone shaped object is in my way, and scoops me up. the train finally stops at the end of the pier, and i find myself on a conveyor belt full of tires.
the person in charge of the train doesn't notice me, and the tires get dumped into a container. i break out and cling on to a ladder,
waving to get the conductors attention. he finally notices me, and lowers a ladder so i can get out. i explain my story to him, and he lets me go. outside,
people are watching me. i climb out and a girl runs over to me and asks what happened, so i explain again, and then she starts talking about ipods, so i say,
yeah i have one, and she's like "it's nice to know when men appreciate beauty" and walks away. i turn around to see **** walking towards some other girls,
and i walk over. they're putting on this free teeth whitening thing, and talking about how it doesn't taste bad. i take one, and walk to the end of the pier,
which has suddenly become like a huge shop for the product, which is very colorful, and not real. i see some "real" people swimming in the ocean,
and i try the teeth whitening product, which tastes horrible. i spit it out and see my friends on the beach below. i climb down and go over,
and they're filming themselves giving thumbs up. then the dream ends.

October 14 2020

it started out with me at school. it was early in the morning, and i was walking outside in the grass. i suddenly get really scared, as there was a robbery in the parking lot,
and a man had taken a woman hostage, and had a gun to her head. I try to climb up the corner of a brick wall. i scale it, but think it's not tall enough,
so i go back down, looking for something taller to scale, but find nothing of use and climb the wall again. the man then shoots the woman in the head and looks up,
seeing me. he shoots at me and then flees in the stolen car. i hide, and after about an hour, i come back down and go to math class. i sit in math class,
and the bell had just rung. i had to go to chemistry. as i was walking there, i asked some friends if i was in the right hallway, and they said yes.
someone i knew relatively well said she'd walk with me there. we walk there, going across the balcony and down the stairs. we arrive in the classroom.
the teacher has a binder on my table, and talks about how someone stole her book, and that there would be serious consequences. i open the binder and see tons of my family pictures,
as well as her missing book taped in. my friend shows up, and he takes the book out, yelling "ballsack" and throwing the book in the direction of the bookshelf.
i start working on the assignment online, while removing the family pictures from the book. meanwhile, a mean kid sitting in front of us is assigned to work with us.
he talks about how he is having a party and we are both invited, something i don't want to do. suddenly, i black out, and see visions of the classroom in my head.
one girl stuck her hand into a garbage disposal, and blood flung around the room. there were other ones as well. i come to and the teacher is talking
about our desk in particular and how if i dropped some metal thing in it it would rust the entire sink. so, i drop it in, and then clean the rust out.
the bell rings, and i go outside. suddenly, me and my brother are kidnapped by a middle aged man, and taken to his apartment, which is in a 36 story building.
we arrive, and he begins to beat me. my brother stabs him in the back with a kitchen knife, and we flee to the roof. i arrive there shortly after my brother,
and he is already on top of a car that he wants to use to flee. i jump across the gap separating the elevator and the building and go over to the car.
the driver was *****, and she is doing donuts in the parking lot. i somehow influence her to drift into some poles and walls in order to knock her out so i can steal the car,
which doesn't work, and she ends up stuck in a wall. so, me and my brother take the fire escape and get to the ground. we start walking home, trekking 5 miles.
about 1/3 of the way there, we find a family member and he accompanied us there. we keep walking, across the city, alleyways, and enter a parking garage.
i get a dm from ***** saying that she wanted to talk and sent a voice call. i explained that i was walking and couldn't chat. eventually, we arrive at the family members'
apartment. we go inside to find some of my brothers friends are there demanding 30% of my money. i say no, and they eventually leave.
the family member tells me i could go up to the roof if i wanted. so, i go up to the roof, and look down at the beach, where i see my sister getting bullied,
surrounded by her classmates, teachers and my parents. I run down there, and run across the sand and confront the kid bullying her on the playground.
he tells me to fuck off. i tell him if he messes with her again, i'll shoot him in the head. he tells me to kill myself, and then, i turn around, draw my pistol,
and shoot him between the eyes. everyone around me turns and looks, and i run out of there like a bat out of hell. i push the security guards away
and keep running, and running, and running, until the dream ends.

September 26 2020

it starts out with me at home, which for some reason is this huge log cabin house, and I'm playing some form of TF2 in minecraft with *****.
When we go to play, we find out that the game had been removed. So, I go outside for a bit. I walk back inside to find ***** sitting there playing minecraft.
I ask how long she had been there, and she deflects my question. I sit down next to her and we try playing again, which doesn't work.
So, we go outside for a bit, and we pass my dad, driving a '92 S10 which broke down. We then head to a mall, but it's more of a flea market, as people live there.
***** draws a ton of attention to us, and makes the shopkeepers mad. We realize there is only one exit meaning we have to go back where we came from.
The shopkeepers yell at us and one starts to chase us. We finally get outside and a little plane ride catches *****'s eye. You get on and it goes up in the air in circles.
She gets on and goes for a turn on it. Once it's done, we walk back home, and go into the kitchen. She's talking to me about my problems,
and I try to tell her to be quiet, as I don't want my parents to find out. She finds a shotgun in the kitchen, and holds it up to me, and I whisper "do it".
She puts it back down and we go back outside. She starts talking about going to a baseball game, but has no way to get there. I remind her that I can drive.
I go back inside to get my keys in my room. My dad is sleeping on my bed, so I stay quiet. I can't find my keys, so we go up to the attic,
as I think I may have left them up there. While we are up there, we use phone flashlights to see, but it drains our batteries, so we end up not finding them,
and decide to go to a baseball game some other time. We go back outside, and for some reason can fly now. I fly up to the top of the roof, and she follows soon after,
then, everything becomes some sort of cartoon, and after a while the quality degrades, and the dream ends.

September 24 2020

It starts with me and ***** driving to a abandoned science compound thing. We arrive, and I untangle the wire that is holding the gate together. We drive in, and park.
I then walk over to one of the buildings, and we walk in. Inside, I start recording with my phone. After walking around a bit, we find some 90s computer equipment,
and I tell her that we should come back for it. After some more walking, I find boxes and boxes of Windows 95 product keys.
I take a box of those, and we go over to the employee apartments. I walk into a few, looking for old CDs or posters, but don't find any and walk back out.
We walk over to the truck, and I put the product keys in the back. Then, we start walking to another building.
On the way there, a bus drives in and we're scared we were getting caught. It turns out the bus was just turning around. Some kids start walking in, and walk into one of the buildings.
I remark that if those kids come out alive, we can go to that building. I yell at some of the kids to beat it, and they do.
However, as I'm scaling the fence to get into one of the buildings, I slip, fall, and am impaled by the fence and die.

September 13 2020

It starts out with me walking on the field between my elementary school and middle school.
I learn that the elementary school had recently been abandoned so went to go check it out.
There, I found out that it was being renovated, but there were drug addicts in it. After I drove past it and some of the workers,
I went back to my middle school, which was empty. It was also where one of my friends was, he had a gun and was pointing it at me,
then tossed it to me and yelled "do it" and looked up at me when I shot him in the head. I then suddenly am at the pools, where a shitload of teenagers are.
I try to kick them out. I then end up in the hot tub somehow but quickly get out and climb over a fence.
Then, there's an announcement made about some kind of treasure hunt, and my dad found the first clue, which was in a men's bathroom.
The next clue said to climb the hill, so we start that, but as I make my way over.
I climb on the roof to get past people, and some guy moves a chicken coop out of my way. I then start climbing the hill, periodically stopping,
and on one occasion there was a mineshaft but was empty so nobody went in. I then realize today is some kind of avionics appreciation day,
and there's a ton of gigantic lego airplanes and other ways to travel through the air there. A while longer, I turn off the path to follow some people,
which ends up to be a wall in front of a platform. There's another wall to the side with small lip that I can use to shimmy my way over and behind the wall.
I do that and get the next clue, which was a translucent orange lego piece. Then, as I am making my way back, I lose my fitting and slip, falling 200ft to my death.

September 08 2020

It stars out with me driving to school, it's dark out and eventually I get there after nearly hitting 2 people.
I go to the first class of the day where nothing really happens. After that class, I walk outside,
and see my friend and his brother and his other friend in the back of a pickup truck.
My sister runs up to me and asks "how many cuts does this girl have on her arm?" and I got worried for a second but she wasn't talking about me.
As I keep walking, I see a lost and found table. I walk over to it and see two phones, and I take the blue iPhone XR.
I power it on to see that it doesn't have a passcode and I delete the iCloud account on it.
I text **** to tell her that I got the phone and she can have my 7+ when I get home. My brothers friends try to fight me for it, but I get it and keep walking.
I see my mom and dad driving in a car, but I keep walking to the next door, where I notice that I am being followed by Cal from Zero Day.
I walk inside to find that the hallway is dimly lit and almost empty. Passing my sister and my dad on the way in, and I walk past my sisters locker,
who for some reason put her name on it. I walk to english class and nearly slip on the way in. Cal follows me in as well.
The room looks like it was made in the 70s, with wood everywhere.
I sit down and the teacher comes in and talks about how we were gonna have a test today but since it was the end of school we won't be taking it.
After, we all get up and leave, and I can't remember what class I had next, so I looked at my phone which also wouldn't tell me.
I caught up with my friend ******* and we walked together for a bit. I walk all the way over to the other side of the school.
On the way, I pass a Lego vending machine which is in a display case. I then open a few doors before remembering I had computer programming next, and then I woke up.

September 05 2020

It started out with me being chased by the leader of the cult, and I finally lost him, but to my dismay he had a drone and kept following me.
I found myself on a busy road, and a car passed, which distracted him. Eventually, I hid behind a fence and lost him.
I then ran down a dirt road and found myself in a pasture. ***** was also there. There, we set up a little house in the corner under a tree. It felt like we lived there for months.
It was a primitive house, but we still were able to survive. There was soap to wash hands and plates, a fire to cook food in and for warmth, and two beds made out of straw.
Then, one day, as I am gathering sticks, someone finds our little house and is so impressed that he buys us an apartment in a ski shack at the bottom of a ski resort.
It had a really pretty view. The apartment itself has a real mid 1940s vibe to it. Most of the decor in it was made out of wood. It was really cool.
Me and E arrived to see our families setting it up, buying furniture and the sort.
I go outside for a little bit, and see the gorgeous view, as well as my English teacher from 8th grade. Everyone slowly comes out one by one and says goodbye.
Once they all leave, I suddenly am taken to my real house. There, it's about 2 AM. I'm driving around with my mom and brother.
All of a sudden, I see a white F150. I know what it means: people broke into the pools.
I tell my mom and brother to keep quiet, as I dial the number for the police. However, the number doesn't work.
So, I get out of my truck, and hide on a hill, watching the pool. More teens show up, and trespass on the property.
So, I tell them all to get the fuck out or they will be arrested. One teen hops the fence and comes over to me, and tries to attack.
He has a knife on the end of a chain as well as throwing knives.
I dodge the thrown blades until I reach a small pile of rocks. There, I start throwing rocks at him.
One of them makes him lose his balance and fall over. I then come over to him and curbstomp his neck.

August 29 2020

I found a Pontiac LeMans pickup truck and got it running at my grandma's house.
I got in it, figured out how to drive, and took off. So. me my mom and my brother went downtown in it.
We arrived, and I drove down ********. As we did that, I drove through a strip mall.
While we were there, we parked the truck, got out and went inside a glasses store.
After someone got glasses, we went back outside, where I noticed it was extremely hot. I got back in the LeMans.
Pulling out of the parking lot, I turned right, Then, I drove south, and we drove around our old neighborhood, and I saw how much it had changed.
We were going to a grocery store, passed a Texaco, but stopped at a ice cream stand which was on ********.
There wasn't anybody attending it, and it was setup on the sidewalk. I got ice cream, some oreos, and went back to the truck.
Then, we went to the grocery store. While my mom was shopping, I had a terrible headache, so I went to the hospital across the street.
There, I walked in and saw it was extremely busy, and for some reason they had an adoption center in the hospital.
As I was standing around, I was standing next to a family at the adoption center.
They were signing papers. Then, once they were done signing, the doors burst open.
A nurse was carrying the corpse of Sol Pais in a wheelbarrow. The family followed the nurse into a room.
Then, as I watched through the window, I saw a doctor successfully clone Sol Pais. Started out as an infant, but grew to be her normal age after a bit.
The family quickly hugged her, then walked out of the hospital with her.

August 26 2020

It started out with me in the pool in the neighborhood. I had sunk to the bottom of the pool,
drowning, and ******* was trying to pull me out. eventually I was able to get out and walked outside.
My dad and my brother are in the car. Some kind of alien shows up and I attack it.
Then, ******* walks over and gets hit by something. I check if she is okay then take care of the alien by throwing books at it. Eventually it flies away.
Then, we all get in the car and drive through this long tunnel next to a lake made entirely of red brick.
After a while of driving, we end up at this gigantic trampoline park/jungle gym.
We go around to each of the "areas" which include a pirate themed adventure game, where you collect keys and fight bad guys,
some kind of Lego area where you could build lego cars and race them, and a jungle themed area with a ball pit and things to climb on.
At the pirate land, we get there and some creepy voice talks to us.
I try to go along with the game but it scares me too much so I leave. At the lego part, my brother makes a car and races it and wins.
Meanwhile, me and ******* are at the top watching, then go down this slide back to the main room.
Afterwards, we head to the jungle land, on the way passing the trampoline park/arcade.
As I pass by, I figure I'll get a refresh on the rules because I hadn't been there in a while.
Meanwhile, ******* climbs up to the top of the jungle gym thing and sits down on a ledge.
After the rules are explained, I start to climb up as well. I reach the top and realize that there is another room near the top that I've never seen before.
******* goes in there first, and I realize I lost my phone. I go back to find my phone, and when climbing back up, get stuck, and the dream ends.

July 04 2020

Me and **** were driving in my car when I hit a ditch and rolled it. Then, I went to a science lab.
I went down into it, and explored for a bit. Suddenly, Zombies started to flow into it and I went back to the surface.
I tried to get my car from the parking garage but couldn't. **** got his keys taken from him by the zombies and he went in after them and died.
So, I ran to a building where the entire cast of The Office was. I tried to steal Michael's car keys but failed and left.
then, I saw **** and another kid. We started a fire in a trash can before breaking into a house. There was a kid there playing video games.
I took a black 2015 Jeep Cherokee and drove off. As I was driving, people were throwing smoke bombs at me.
I then got to the highway where I encountered a ton of cops. I drove away and into a parking lot at a classic american diner.
There, I saw a group of girls I knew from school, ****, ******, ****** and *****.
I saw a 4 door orange bucket seat 3 inch lift 1985 chevy c10 pickup truck, and I got into it. With the help of ****, we got it going and all 6 of us drove off.
Then, as I was driving, I slid down an embankment and into some cops, and me and ****, in the front seat, were shot and killed.
Next thing I know, I am at my own funeral.
I realize that I still have save some control over things and I send one last message to ******* saying that I'd died and that I'd miss her.

May 27 2020

On a road trip, we stop in a city I used to live in. While I'm there, I walk to my old friends house.
While I walk; It's getting dark and I stumble across a guy with a gun. He throws one into a bush then points the other at me.
I just walk over and he shows off his gun collection, firing a shotgun at some cars.
I keep walking and eventually end up at my friends old house, which is now owned by my cousin. While I'm there, I want to go out a balcony and sit.
After a while, I go back inside and talk for a few hours. Then, I start walking back.
As I do that, I realize there's a bunch of homes on fire, and I end up being surrounded by the cult. I steal a car and run a bunch of them over.

May 24 2020

I am flying through my town which for some reason looks like animal crossing.
As I do that, I learn that someone from a neighboring town is watching me. I go beat him up, then fly to an IKEA.
The IKEA got turned into a huge children's play land. I walk in with my brother and sister and their friends.
It's the grand opening so they ask me to sing the star spangled banner. After, I walk in and they all run in different directions, and go play.
I walk around on my own and eventually find my sister and her friend. They're sliding down some ramps, and I watch from a rope bridge.
Then, I see one of my friends and say hi. He is trying to figure out how to tie a noose. I help him out and walk away.
Eventually, it starts getting dark and the IKEA is closing. I go to the food court to get some fries when they announce that I am going to sing again.
I try, but butcher the song. I leave, looking for a bike to buy as I don't have a way to get anywhere.
I find one and the guy asks me to meet him in a park, I go there and he isn't there,
but there is a metal detector, and I start looking for shit in the children's playground. I find a toy car, and other things.
Then, I sit down for lunch, and eat. As I do that, the children are playing on the see saw.
They launch the shovel I was using and it impales me in the head, dying almost instantly.

May 22 2020

I drive down to some place. Me and a friend make a little hideout somewhere then go on a joyride and rob a gas station.
The police try to catch us multiple times.
After hiding for a while and coating the hideout in concrete, I drive back home, and when I'm at school, I make another hideout under the school, and tell a few friends about it.
But, the teachers and admins find out and try to capture me. I run down the hallways aimlessly until I lose them, then hide in a bathroom.
I use the vent to escape, and find myself on the street. I walk into an alleyway to see my friend from before, and we find a pressure cooker
which can be turned into a bomb. Before we can do that though, the police show up and we start biking away.
Three other friends show up, and me and my friend get gunned down by the cops.
Before I can get arrested, I shoot myself in the head, and then my vision zooms out to see my path that day and the people we killed.

April 12 2020

It was like a video game. I was driving a black truck. I was being chased by the police and fleeing.
I was turning onto a road that went up a hill at a high rate of speed, and the truck flipped.
It tumbled several times, ending up hundreds of feet away. Wrecked so bad that I started running up the hill.
I got to a lookout point and started running down the hill to hide from the police.
While running, I ran into a rattlesnake which bit me and didn't let go, so to try to get it off I flailed around while running down the hill.
I wasn't looking where I was going, and flew off a ledge and fell to my death.

March 31 2020

We are in a building for someone's wedding reception. I am on the top balcony overlooking the party.
I punch a hole in the ceiling. Snow falls in from the roof. The reception ends and everyone is sent home.
The next day, they all go to the airport for breakfast. We arrive in the parking garage in a porsche.
I see a lamborghini pull in and go over to look at it. I also think to myself that if I was going there I wouldn't park on any of the ends just in case people hit my car.
We arrive and go through security. There, we meet some people who are already there. I sit down to eat and am given a portrait of me and Cookie Monster from sesame street.
We watch some planes take off and someone talks about a experiment someone is doing regarding the aerodynamics of a biplane.
I go over to read a sign when I see some shipping containers on a elevator being loaded into a ship. I accidentally leave and go out onto the pier.
I fall into some trash that is being dumped out. After I am swept away, a worker notices me and asks me to go back.
I fall into a open construction site, but am somehow able to swim in mid air. I swim to the closest building; a Costco.
As I get there, I see someone I know: Kevin from The Office. Once I get there, I ask him to call someone so I can go back through security as I left my phone in the cafe.
Right as he is about to do that we duck behind a black Toyota FJ cruiser. People are shooting up the Costco.
As we hide, some of the shooters handcuff a police officer and put him on the ground on the other side of the Toyota, shoots him point blank in the face.
We play dead. The shooters comb over Kevin but take me to their helicopter.
I wake up above the Costco with them shooting people. I walk to the open door and push one of them out of it.
The other one who was in the back starts shooting.
I grab a pistol from a holster on the wall and shoot him until I run out of ammo. By then, the pilot has descended to pick someone up.
I jump out and run for cover in the Costco.
At that same time, someone runs out of the Costco being chased by my friends mom. She says that he took her credit card.
I turn to him and say "I kicked a asshole out of a plane, shot a guy so many times he was made into swiss cheese and jumped out of a helicopter.
The best thing you can do is steal a credit card? Okay buddy." I pin him down and I start kicking him, while lunging at the card. I get it and he is arrested. I give the card back.

February 21 2020

The dream started with me driving past a mall. I saw my cousin driving too.
We then stopped at a Toys R Us. It was closed, but the door was unlocked. I walk in and find it completely empty.
I hear someone downstairs so I go down to investigate. Some kids had been seen by the guards, but the guards just let them go.
I walk down and into the break room, which was full of beanbags. About 20 people are in there as well. After a while, I leave into the main area of the store.
There, there's a ton of game consoles being guarded by a single security camera. If the camera saw your face for long enough, it would sound an alarm.
So, I carefully walk over, and start taking a lot of games.
I get about 250$ worth and walk back out. I warn everyone about the camera and walk back to the car and put everything in the trunk.
I then drive to Target. At target, I walk in looking for rubber caps for my PS4 controller joysticks. As I walk around some more, I find the desk that you ask for help at.
When I get there, The lady says "Hello, ******". I don't notice at first but soon stop and say "how do you know my name?"
She responds with "I was a substitute teacher for you in middle school".
I don't remember her at all, but say it was nice to see her and kept walking.
As I continued, I found a box full of used game consoles. One of which was a Xbox 360 with a huge PS4 sticker on it.
I look for a employee and ask them if they have the rubber things. He says no but takes me to a rack with hats on it.
He puts a Gorillaz branded beanie on me. I buy the hat and leave.

February 14 2020

It started out with me going to school. During physics, it was announced that the school would be on lockdown, but we could still go around in the school, but not leave.
I walk around for a few hours and go swimming in the gym. We don't know why the school is locked down.
Then, it's announced that school will be closed until further notice due to the coronavirus, but today will be the last day.
This is because the coronavirus has spread into the US and is killing people very fast.
In the physics hallway, there's a classroom that was turned into a tv room. I see a lot of my friends in there.
As I walk past, I see that I'll need to get some food. I start stealing food from vending machines and the cafeteria.
I slowly start filling up the backpack. I wander around searching for more food. Kids are vandalizing the school, and it's getting more and more dangerous to stay there.
I walk up into the physics hallway. As I do this, another classroom in the hallway is started on fire, and I run in to the classroom to get my backpack.
The fire alarm is blaring as I get this and while I am leaving, I find *****. I ask for a ride to my house, and he says sure.
As we are leaving, I read a statement from the school saying due to the extensive damage, the school won't be opening for a few months.
We then run outside and get in the Land Cruiser.
We don't take the roads since there's nobody there, and get home very fast. I put all the foods in the basement so they stay cold, and start prepping my house.
A few months pass. We still have running water, but the electricity is out. I realize I won't have enough food to survive for much longer.
I hurry and get some now thawed potatoes out of my freezer, and get some tubs and plant the potatoes in the tubs so I can at least have those.
Then, I realize I won't have enough time for the potatoes to grow. I know that I can't go outside due to the virus.
I ran upstairs, grab the shotgun, put it to my head and pull the trigger.

February 7 2020

I was at school preparing to go on a physics field trip to DisneyLand which had conveniently opened across the street.
As we are walking, some dude in a 1993 Honda Del Sol drifts around the entire parking lot.
Once we arrive, we walk in. There's a giant inflatable baby on the top of the hotel.
We go in to the area where they tell us what we can and can't do. However, I fall off of it and get kicked out.
I then start walking home. As I approach my house, I walk past the neighbors and their daughter is staring at me from their window.
I get to the house next to mine and find a overturned garbage can.
I put it upright and realize it has the tombstone for a guy who died in 1545 on it, and the only thing left are ashes and a severed arm.
I spread the spilled ashes to make it look like nothing happened.
When I get to the driveway ****'s sister comes up to me asking to play Halo.
She comes in through the front door and I ask her if she has the right controller, and she pulls out a PS4 controller.
We head upstairs and go to my computer. I closed the level I was doing and open Halo.

February 6 2020

I am in a plane to Florida to meet ****.
While there, I go to a restaurant and accidentally bring the car through the window and then decide to park and eat.
While there, I meet **** and follow him to his house. Once there, I pick up a job at Wendy's.
I go there soon after to learn and work there with my friend. The employees there are very chill and laid back.
I am making food for the drive thru. After making the food, a car pulls up with some old people in it and
it's so short that I have to go outside to give them their food. Another car pulls up and steals some onion rings.
At last, another car pulls up asking for our money. As such, we start throwing drinks at them.
We then go outside to call the police when he guns it and starts gunning down the employees.
I keep running around trying not to get hit. As I do this, he keeps taunting me and asking for him to kill me.
I ask Siri to call 911 and try to listen while the operator helps. It then becomes apparent to him
that I have 'Multiple Savestates' meaning that if I don't die now, I certainly can later. I continue to run until the police show up.

December 24 2019

I was in a abandoned, dilapidated mansion, and it was really dusty. There was a lot of trash just sitting around.
Lots of rooms are blocked off and I'm in the kitchen with *********, ****** and a few friends.
She has a tattoo gun for some reason, and she's giving the friends tattoos.
I know I want one, but I can't decide what I want. So, as I talk to ********* and ******, I keep thinking about what my tattoo should be.
I decide on the Weezer logo with the second e being red.
But, I can't find a single picture of the logo on google. As I explain what I want,
she starts getting out some blue ham like object and starts tattooing it with an example for what I want,
and she was like "I won't do this to you because it looks bad". She then hands me the item, and then I wake up.

December 1 2019

The year is 2007. I am getting ready to go to school. My bus comes after my siblings bus.
They want to have a chat with their substitute bus driver because she is making kids pay 5$ to ride to or from school.
When she gets to the bus stop, she quickly gasses it out of there and we chase her and eventually she stops as I get out to talk to her.
She is wearing a forest service outfit and I tell her it's illegal. She swings at me as I run back to see ***** and his dad driving their SUV,
and we get in and head to the local police station to report her, then I go to school like normal. Once I get to school,
I go to Math class with ******, ****, and *****.
We do a worksheet then start talking about computers and eat ice cream sandwiches. After it's over, we wait by the door,
but the teacher says to carry ***** because she failed something. I take a book from the free book rack and leave to go to lunch,
but actually am supposed to go to graphic design class, as I got them confused. As I walk to the lunchroom,
I see the special ed room with **** sitting outside not wanting to move. ***** comes out and yells at him, as I turn around and head for the west side of campus,
which had just been remodeled. I wander around the construction site, seeing my brother go through the door labeled H
(The doors could spell bruh if you went through the right way) as I keep walking trying to find another way in.
As I do that, I found a corner in one of the buildings and end up right in front of *****.
We chat a bit and he talks about how the FBLA takes inspiration from a quote of mine; "Instead of eating all the candy, I stayed back to clean up."
Then, he takes me to his car and we go to lunch, and get back after Graphic Design is over, and I am worried about that,
so I sit outside the front of the school deciding what to do, while other kids play on the playground and so do the kindergarteners from the elementary school.
Everyone goes back to the school except me, as I sit in front of a giant pile of computers and parts.
All of a sudden, the swat team shows up. I have no idea what's going on so I ask, and they say something exploded inside the school, and to get away from it.
I start walking away until I see ******* and ****** running like hell, and I start running too, yelling "What the fuck happened?"
I eventually get far enough away, and it turns out the explosion triggered the sprinkler system,
the explosion contained dish soap, and everyone was covered and hurt. *******, ****** and I help the other people who were covered in soap and hurting,
while others helped too. Once everyone had been helped, a girl way younger than me brings over a 6 pack of soda,
because her mom is helping us help the others. Her mom keeps telling her daughter to hook up with me for some reason, and the daughter is understandably embarrassed.
She walks over, and puts a bag of goldfish crackers in the microwave because she says they are good hot.
Afterwards, I walk down the highway listening to other kids talk about what they think happened,
we walk past a construction site, I get sideswiped by a car and fly off the overpass and die.

November 13 2019

So it starts out that we're on a college campus for a day trip thing,
I hang out in the main area for a bit, and buy some military outfit to wear, and put everything else I buy into the bag I have.
Then, I see a lady with toys and kids playing there, and as I keep walking,
I encounter a group of people who are going on a tour of the campus, and I see ****** there so I tag along.
I am walking and talking as we learn about the campus with her and one of her friends.
As we approach a building, The three of us suddenly faint and wake up hours later, and the bag I was carrying with lunch in it is missing.
So, we try to go back to find the rest of the people, As we do that, we encounter a jungle gym that we climb over to get to the other side.
Then, we get back to the main area where there's a lost and found and the kids' table.
As I look for my bag, They go to the table, and I go there too after I can't find the bag. Then, someone shows up and said the event was over and we should go home.
As ******'s friend gets a ride home, she asks me for one. So, we start driving. We go down the street in front of a Toys R Us that was closed.
I pass it and want to go look at it cus nostalgia so I put the car in reverse and go back down the street backwards, then drift the car into the other lane and keep going.
We then start driving through a park with a deep river. As we do that, I ask her if she wants me to take her to her house, but she asks me to take her to school instead.
I slowly start to lose control of the car and it slowly starts swerving worse and worse until we lose control, hit a hill,
and flip over in the air as we land in the river and slowly sink, drowning in the car.

July 7 2019

It started out with two fugitives who were constantly breaking out of prison, the one I remember is them using a fastball to break a lock to drive a car into the prison yard.
Then everything seemingly changed to the cult hosting a event. In the event, People were voluntarily commuting suicide in their church,
They were laying down in coffins and toxic gas was being put in. There were dead bodies in the coffins, couples saying goodbye, calming their children down, etc.
They were about to put me in, but I escaped because I was in there because my real friends had been protesting and forced me to go,
meanwhile everyone not protesting seemed shocked at me.
But then, and all of a sudden, people running the scheme stole all my friends except ***** because she was on a bus and killed them,
The bus arrived, and she got off, so me and ***** wandered the empty streets handing out soaps to people while it was pouring rain.
Then, we walked into a building breathing heavily and carrying a ton of soap.
The queen of England was in there, said "Oh my goodness." I turned around and ***** was gone,
and the entirety of the english military was on my other side, with guns to my head.

May 13 2019

We were going through a deep tunnel into a bunker with this crazy crackhead. We aren't allowed to bring any electronic devices,
but knowing me, I do anyway, I bring my phone. We arrive, and then immediately go to Wendy's.
I'm standing next to ******, and due to habit, pull out my phone. Everyone is shocked, and I dash out of the resteraunt.
Then, **** starts chasing me around the place, and I pass ****, **** and their friends, who had just gotten out of a car. I keep running and running, up and down freeways,
and ****'s right behind me. But, we start to slow down on a long stretch of road that is high above the ground. It's dark now. I slow down more, and we stop.
We start to talk about things, and I point out how beautiful the ferris wheel in the distance looks today, and I take a picture with her at it.
Then, I go onto some island in the sky, and look down, and see her on the overpass. Then, it seemingly becomes a game of some sort.
I eventually get to the ground, and realize that my island had been blown up right as I get to the ground, I lost everything in the explosion,
there's hot air balloons in the background, and I was killed by the island when it crashed to the ground. Then I woke up.

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