Welcome to the rollercoaster that is my life.
The purpose of this site is for me to express myself in the only fucking way I know how.
I've never shared any of this shit in person, but if I do it here nobody will know it was me.
I need to get all this shit off my chest.

I'm just going to warn everyone now. What you'll see on the links below may be alarming.
Do not worry about it. You don't need to worry about anything.
I appreciate if you want to try to help, but don't bother.
I'm not worth being concerned over, or anything like that.

Be sure to sign my guestbook cus I'm lonely or something.

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"cineri gloria sera venit"

contact me:

discord: therivstur#3592

if you are adding me just to harrass me or whatever, just get the fuck out of here.
especially the cuntface known as RtG.
you're not welcome here. fuck you and your doxxing fans.

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