Here's a list of sites I find interesting.

Cool Sites

Void Hi-Res : Cool simulation of how I feel 24/7.

Google Gravity : It's Google but with gravity.

Bouldertherapist : It's dumb. Light mode beware.

CornHub : The hub for everything Corn related.

People of Walmart : NSFW.


My 90s TV : It's a virtual television.

VIMMs : HUGE collection of roms/online emulator.

windows95 : A downloadable version of Windows 95.

DOOM download : Play DOOM for free today. WAD files below.

DOOM 1 Download : Full WAD for Doom 1

DOOM 2 Download : Full WAD for Doom 2

Eric's DOOM 2 Levels : Play Eric Harris' DOOM 2 Levels.

The Heist : Cool flee-from-the-cops game.

Territory War : Practice your headshots.

Liveleak : Entertainment for the murderers-to-be.

Helpful Shit

destruction : for your everyday anarchist.

e-zines : for your everyday anarchist.

The 11k : 26,859 pages of pure entertainment.

Leaked Docs : A bunch of confidential shit.

4chan : 'nuff said.

YouTube Downloader : Best way to pirate music from YouTube. : HUGE collection of torrent sites.

The Eye : HUGE collection of files.

SteamUnlocked : Download most steam games for free.

Personality Test : Find how shit you really are.


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